Our Policy

We will provide you with written prescriptions that you may take to any pharmacy that your insurance company covers. Your choice of medications may limited by your insurance company’s list of preferred medications (called a formulary) and your co-pay for medications will be determined by the plan that your employer has set up. In most cases, the generic brand of a medication will have the least expensive co-pay, but not all medications have a generic equivalent. Under Texas law, a pharmacist must substitute a generic drug for a brand drug unless the physician specifically writes out an order for the drug to be dispensed as a brand.


To refill prescriptions, please notify your pharmacy (call the telephone number on your prescription bottle) that you wish to refill your medication. The pharmacy will send a request to us electronically or by fax. You do not need to call us directly. Allow us up to 3 business days to process your request. We may ask you to follow-up with us for refills for certain conditions and for controlled substances.