We accept many health insurance carriers, and although we do not bill auto insurance carriers, we can also evaluate and treat you after auto accidents through your health insurance. Below is a list of our major insurance carriers and links to their web sites where available. Others that we accept are also shown.


We cannot guarantee that we accept the listed companies at the time of the visit, as insurance contracts may change. We will notify at the time of the visit, before you are seen, if your insurance company does not list us as providers.


Please note that your insurance company may require you to pay a copay or a deductible at the time of the visit. We do need to follow the insurance company rules, so please be prepared to take care of this at the time of your visit.

We are not contracted as a Medicaid provider. Our Tricare Standard panels are open but we do not accept new Tricare Prime patients.

Please call us at 210-690-2273 if you do not see your insurance listed, as we also accept additional plans.

Additional Insurance Plans

In addition to the major insurance carriers listed, we also gladly accept the following: (Please call us at 210-690-2273 if you do not see your insurance listed, as we also accept additional plans.)

  • Benefit
  • Benesight
  • CBCA Administrators
  • Definity Health Claims
  • EBS/Employee Benefit Services
  • Ethix Southwest
  • Gallagher Benefits
  • GE Group Administrators
  • GEHA
  • Group Administrators San Antonio
  • Group and Pension Administrators
  • Guardian
  • Harrington
  • Health Smart
  • HealthFirst
  • HealthMarket
  • IBEW
  • Lumenos
  • Mail Handlers
  • Medical Mutual
  • Mega Life Health Insurance
  • NALC Health Benefit Plan
  • One Health Plan
  • P5 Electronic Health Services
  • Pacific Life & Annuity
  • Principal Life & Annuity
  • Principal Life Insurance
  • Providence Health Services
  • Reward Administration
  • Sheet Metal Workers
  • Sisters of the Sacred Heart
  • Strategic Resource Company
  • Star Administrative
  • TML Group Benefits
  • UP&PU (United Payors and United Providers)
  • USC Health Services
  • Unicare
  • Viacare
  • Wausau Benefits
  • WebTPA
  • Weyco
  • Whataburger
  • Woodward Health Care